Give your child a special treat in their lunchbox.  Make a fairy sandwich to brighten up their day!

It’s not long after school starts that the lunchbox woes begin.   A fairy sandwich is the perfect treat to change things up in a little way, mark a special occasion, or just plan for a fun lunch!  Both my kids love the surprise of finding one in their boxes.


What You Need to Make a Fairy Sandwich:

Two slices of bread
Soft fillers (PB&J, Sunbutter, Cream Cheese & Jelly, etc)
Small cookie cutter, any shape, about an inch in diameter
Sprinkles for cookies

To make a fairy sandwich, simply use your cookie cutter once on one slice of bread.  Spread your fillings on the other slice of bread and place the top slice on.  Using a spoon, carefully pour a layer of sprinkles in the cut out area.  Press down so they stick to the filling, you just need a thin layer of the sprinkles.  Once the area is filled in and pressed down, place your sandwich in a sandwich box and refrigerate.  Don’t forget to keep it a secret till lunchtime!


These  sandwiches work best with soft and sweet fillers, as listed above, in order for the sprinkles to stick to the sandwich.  Be sure to check any allergy policies at your child’s school before using peanut butter or choose an allergy-safe alternative.

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